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To be sure, Florida living encourages and supports a lifestyle augmented by the water.  Florida residents all benefit at every turn from the close proximity of the ocean and top rated beaches, rivers,  natural springs, and lakes. Part of this lifestyle includes owning a pool home which has become of a staple of Florida living and lifestyle.

Most pool homes in Florida in ground off the rear of the home and are covered with screened in lanais that offer protection from Florida’s insects including its infamous mosquitoes and no-see-ums or biting midges. They also make great places to entertain all year round. One of the best things I ever did for my children when I moved here in 1999 was to have a pool built. As young kids through their teen years they were in the pool all the time and invited friends over for pool parties as well.

If you are considering a FishHawk Ranch pool home give Rich a call today at (813) 777-5332.

Another aspect to the Florida pool home is that pools are not limited just to high-end residences but instead can be found associated with almost any type of single family residence from the entry level 3-bed, 2-bath 1,500 square foot home to the multi-bed, multi-bath, multi-floor mansion of many thousands of square feet in size.

These homes found in FishHawk Ranch may even include built-in spas that make winter as much fun and relaxing as the summer. Added to many of these residential pools in FishHawk are outdoor kitchens, grills and other amenities that make entertaining friends and family so much more fulfilling.

One unique feature to look for are pools owners who have upgraded with solar heating. This makes maintaining a warm temperature year-around both accessible and affordable.

All in all, one must consider a pool home as a viable option if one is looking for a single family home within the FishHawk Ranch development.

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