CDD Information

What is a CDD (Community Development District)?

A CDD or Community Development District is a governmental unit created to serve the long-term specific needs of a community. Through a CDD, the FishHawk Ranch community offers its residents a broad range of community-related services and infrastructure to help ensure the highest quality of life possible. CDD responsibilities for FishHawk include community appearance, recreational facilities, storm water management, potable and irrigation water supply, sewer and wastewater management, and street lights. The District financed the construction  of the above items through the sale of tax-exempt bonds which is a form of public financing.

How Is The CDD Paid For?

The bonds are paid back by the property owners, typically over a 20 year time frame. FishHawk property owners are subject to a non-ad valorem assessment, which appears on the annual property tax bill from the county tax collector. An annual assessment for operations and maintenance can fluctuate up and down from year to year based on the budget adopted for that fiscal year.

Are the CDD fees the same for all FishHawk Ranch Residents?

FishHawk has been built in Phases and there are several Community Development Districts that have been established over the years to complete FishHawk Ranch. There are currently four different Community Development Districts, CDD I, CDD II, CDD III, and CDD IV. The CDD annual fee varies depending on the location in FishHawk Ranch. The CDD fees vary between a little over $1000 up to $3000 per year depending on the location of the home in FishHawk.

To find out exactly how much the CDD is for a specific property feel free to contact Rich at 813-777-5332. IF you are looking at listings in MLS you can find the CDD fee under the Land, Site, and Tax Information – Annual CDD Fee section of the listing.

Who Runs The FishHawk CDD Operate

The FishHawk CDD is governed by its Board of Supervisors which is elected initially by the landowners, and then transitions to FishHawk residents. Like all municipal, county, state, and national elections, the Office of the Supervisor of Elections oversees the vote, and CDD Supervisors are subject to state ethics and financial disclosure laws. The CDD’s business is conducted in the “Sunshine,” which means all meetings and records are open to the public. Public hearings are held on CDD assessments. and the CDD’s budget is subject to annual independent audit.

Benefits to Residents

Many contracts for goods and services are annually subject to publicly advertised competitive bidding so the CDD fees are consistent from year to year.

Residents and property owners in a CDD set the standards of quality, which are then managed by the CDD. The CDD provides perpetual maintenance of the environmental conservation areas. This consistent and quality-controlled method of management helps protect the long term property values in a community.

The CDD makes it possible for the FishHawk community to offer the most desirable elements of a master-planned community. Residents enjoy high quality infrastructure facilities and services with the comfort and assurance of knowing that the standards of the community will be maintained long after the developer is gone. With a CDD in place, residents are assured of the ability to control quality and value for years to come.