FishHawk Ranch: Area Schools

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The entire FishHawk community is recognized not just as an award winning planned development but also as having access to some of the best schools in the state of Florida. Essentially, all of the schools that FishHawk residents have access to are in or directly adjacent to FishHawk Ranch itself.

This is one of the primary motivating factors that bring new residents into the area. Residents rely on the fact that their children can attend the A-rated FishHawk schools. All of the schools are located within the FishHawk area which makes it convenient for drop off and pick up of your children.

Bevis Elementary and FishHawk Creek Elementary are both located in Phase II and Stowers Elementary sits within the FishHawk Ranch West area. Randall Middle School is located on the North side of Fishhawk Blvd. next to Newsome High School and Barrington Middle School is located in FishHawk West next to Stowers Elementary.

Just as an example of FishHawk’s A-rated schools, Bevis Elementary serves an estimated 804 students with a student-teacher ratio of 14:1 and it has been awarded Blue Ribbon status, Reading Teacher of the Year, ESE Teacher of the Year, Math Teacher of the Year and been consistently awarded Top Performer status for Florida’s FCAT examinations.

These types of accolades can be found for almost all of FishHawk’s schools except perhaps for Stowers Elementary and its sister institution Barrington Middle School which are only a few years old. In contrast, Newsome High School, Randall Middle School, FishHawk Creek Elementary and Bevis Elementary are now over a decade old.

They are all recognized state-wide for their academics, music programs and excellence in physical fitness or athletics.

For instance, Newsome High School’s marching band was selected nationally to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City and Newsome also received a Hillsborough County award for having an Elite Athletic Program.

It is apparent that developing and maintaining first-rate public education institutions in tandem with the FishHawk community expansion was always part of Newland Community’s intention from the very beginning.